Msaada kwa wa Athirika

Asalamualeikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
Peace be to you

Help the affected victims of Flood in Zanzibar

More than 300 houses have been affected completely and more than 500 partially effected.

Totalling more than 200 people effected.

The rain pouring has reached record of 172.2 mm on May 3rd 2015 compared to 114 mm of May 7th 1972

Please join hands to help in this catastrophe

Donate Generously for this course

Zancana Community Center
TD Canada Trust
East York Town Center
45 Overlea BLVD

Toronto, On
M4H 1C3

Transit:18282 A/c # 5227656

Swift code: TDOMCATTTOR for Outside Canada

Income tax receipt are available upon request

On line donation go to:


ZANCANA Community

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