The Masjid Project

In the name of Almighty ALLAH, The most beneficent, The most merciful

AN APPEAL to Muslims: Respected Brothers / Sisters

Almighty Allah gives you this opportunity to contribute and help a fledging Muslim community to purchase a magnificent Property for the purpose of preserving it as a MOSQUE and Educational facility for all Muslims:

Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public,

have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”

(Al-Quran, 2:274)

“Of no profit to you will be your relatives and your children on the Day of Judgment: He will judge between you: for Allah sees well all that ye do.”

Al-Quran (60:3

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) says:

He who built a mosque for Allah, the Exalted, and Allah would build for him a house in Paradise.

When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end except three things: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge and righteous child who will pray for him/her. Sahih Muslim

Ongoing charity is that which continues to earn reward after a person has died; hence many of the scholars defined it as the waqf, such as building a mosque, because the reward will continue to be earned so long as the waqf remains.

The center should has:

  • Prayer hall where about 400 people can pray
  • Multipurpose Hall for large lectures, children and adult Islamic studies, conferences, Ramadan, iftar, ceremonies, and also used as an extension for occasional prayer and for sport activities
  • Educational/Administrative Building that includes a day care center and a school with computer suite and library
  • General Building which includes Imam and Guest Residences, kitchen,
  • Some parking space

Every Muslim living in this country has a responsibility to ensure our young and old are steadfast in their religion and have appropriate resources made available to them. We need your support.

Your donation in the name of Almighty Allah will bring you its rewards as promised by Him. So please take the great step now and make your donation


Name of the project account:

You may send your donation to the following address:

Zancana Community Center

32 River Street

Toronto, Canada

M5A 3N9


Or you may send your donation directly to the following bank account:

Zancana Community Center,

TD Canada Trust

East York Town Center,

45 Overlea BLVD Toronto On.

M4H 1C3

Transit:18282 A/c # 5227656

Swift code: TDOMCATTTOR for Outside Canada

Note: Income tax return receipt will be issue upon request.

Thank you and May Allah bless you.

Project Proposal


The Zanzibar residents (Zanzibaris) of Toronto, Canada are desirous of establishing an Islamic community centre with prayer facilities in the metropolitan area of Toronto to bring together all Zanzibaris living in Canada; and build a community within the Islamic framework and preserve Islamic history for our future generation. At the present, time there is no Zanzibari organization or any community centre or activities in Canada which embodies this vision and goal.    Therefore we strongly believe a Zanzibari Islamic community centre will not only bring about all people of Zanzibar together, preserve their culture and traditions, but, will have a strong presence of Zanzibaris within the fabric of Canadian society.  We want to promote peace and harmony, respect and tolerance among other diversities, in the meantime upholding the Islamic values, history & practices.


Canada has attracted immigrants throughout its history. Over the years, they have come to escape racial or ideological intolerance, fleeing religious and political persecution, running away from famines, to seek a better living in Canada rated the one of the best in the world. The desire to make it in the new country, hard work and enterprise, were not their only characteristics, they also brought their distinct customs and traditions, arts and cultures, and their beliefs and faiths.

The Canadian society has evolved through the intermingling of these numerous groups including their heritages. In the process of adapting to the Canadian society, the immigrants also shaped and change it. And all, established citizens and newcomers alike, adjust to this dynamic process. The adjustment gives the society vibrancy, broadens its horizons and augments the choices available to its members. Since culture is made up of the contribution of those adjusting to it, one can denigrate particular elements only at the cost of impoverishing the culture as a whole, hence containing the slow erosion of our Zanzibari culture & tradition is an urgency through local community building.

The growing cultural richness and ethnic diversity of the population in combination with the post-1960s liberalism influenced the religious spectrum of the country. Consequently, three significant patterns emerged over the last two decades.

Secularism is on the rise. Many young people, disenchanted with their forefathers’ faith, are seeking fulfillment in other denominations or are leaving the established religion altogether. They believe in God but do not affiliate themselves with any institutionalized, ritualistic religion.

Islam is the fastest growing religion. Canada has a small but growing Muslim population. The 1991 census counted 253,000 Canadians reporting affiliation with Islam, compared with 98,000 in 1981 and an estimated 33,000 in 1971. They already make up the largest non-Christian community in Canada. As of 2001, there were 580,000 Muslims in Canada, about 1.8 percent of Canada’s population. In 2006, Muslim population was estimated to be

783,700 or about 2.5% and in 2010 the Muslim population is estimated to surpass 1 million. The number of Muslims in Canada is predicted to triple over the next 20 years. The current number of Muslims — 940,000 — comprises 2.8% of the Canadian population. A recent report from the Washington-based Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life said they will increase both in number and proportion of the country — 2.7 million, or 6.6% of the Canadian population, by 2030. By comparison, Muslims are expected to make up 1.7% of the U.S. population by that time. 1

By the end of the decade, Islam will be the second principal religion in the country if the present demographic trends continue.  From this situation Islamic communities are in dire need of places where they can meet, learn, and perform their prayers. The envisaged community centre targets such a need.

About us……

Some years ago few Zanzibaries moved to Canada, however, majority of them have migrated to Canada in the last ten years. While in Canada, Zanzibaris have always been living together with sharing and preserving religion, history, tradition and culture.  Since the community of Zanzibaris is increasing there is a need to establish an association that will bring all Zanzibaris and other Muslims together.

Therefore, the Zanzibar-Canadian Association also known as ZANCANA was established in the city of Toronto under the laws of Canada on 2001/2/28 and it has Ontario Corporation number 1383890. Certificate of registration attached appendix 1

From this organization we were able to establish a charitable non- for profit organization by the name of ZANCANA COMMUNITY CENTER

Date of incorporation 2007 November 13

Ontario Corporation number 1733598

Objectives of the community

a)  To establish and operate a community center to be used for workshops, programs, athletic, drama, art music, handicraft, hobbies and recreation for the benefit of the general public.

b)  To provide education, counseling and other support service for immigration and refugee in need, including language, employment training, job search programs, translation services, and other program on Canadian culture and life.

c)   To preach and advance the teaching of the Islamic faith and the religious tenets, doctrines, observances and culture associated with the faith.

d)  To establish, maintain and support a house of worship with services conducted in accordance with the tenets and doctrines of the Islamic faith.

e)   To establish and maintain religious schools of instruction for children, youth and adults


  • Ø Mr. Feisal Amour – President
  • Ø Mr. Jamal Jiddawy  – Secretary
  • Ø Mrs. Bishara Masroor  – Tresurer
  • Ø Mr. Zamil Rashid – Director
  • Ø Mr. Ahmada Mwendambo  – Director
  • Ø Mr. Arif Al-Amry – Director

Supporting Members:

  • Ø Dr. Marshed M. N. Kharusy
  • Ø Mr. Suleiman Riyamy
  • Ø Mr. Muhammed Hamdan
  • Ø Mr. Salim Seif

Our Goals and Objectives for this project:

ü To hold Youth Islamic camps and summer programs

ü Youth leadership & Volunteer training

ü Religious class for Children, Youth and Adults

ü Competitions on Islamic knowledge and Quran recitation

ü Cultural activities portraying Zanzibari traditions, practices etc.

ü Interfaith dialogue

ü Recreation – Sports activities for children & youth

ü Family gathering during summer and on special cultural and religious occasions

ü Relief assistance for people in need in Canada and other countries during calamities and natural disasters

Our Goals & Objectives Defined:

To further the goals & objectives Zancana community Center needs to establish and run a community centre with prayer facilities. The centre, will, among other things provide the following facilities and services:

  • Prayer Hall (Masjid) to accommodate about 400 worshippers
  • Community Outreach Centre
  • State of the art Library equipped with Islamic books and educational material including audio visual equipment
  • Technology Centre – Equipped with latest of computers and other social media
  • Gathering Hall/Centre to interact with other communities and conduct various meetings and conferences
  • Children’s’ Daycare Centre with trained care-givers
  • Sports and Recreation areas
  • Administration Office with staff
  • A full-time school for instruction of religious education (long-term goal)
  • Funeral services, including preparation & cleansing (long-term goal)

The above services will not only be of immense benefit to Zanzibaris living in Canada, but also to the benefit of entire Muslims in the neighboring communities.  Our children and youth needed religious and cultural education, enlightening and guidance, our plan will definitely bring about that supports to make the Zanzibaris as a successful community of Muslims living in Canada.

Cost and Expenses:

The Zanzibar Community & Mosque project will have 3 phases as outlined below.  The total present estimated cost is $2,000,000 (two million Canadian Dollars). Therefore we are seeking $1,400,000 as start-up costs to realize this noble dream come to fruition. Zancana community Center is requesting for your generous financial and moral support.

  • Phase I – $1,400,000, Purchase of the facility (includes the property and building)
  • Phase II- $600,000 to upgrade and retrofit the building to established standards

Board members of the project

  • Ø Dr. Marshed M. N. Kharusy  – Project Chairperson
  • Ø Mr. Muhammed Hamdan  – Project Coordinator
  • Ø Mr. Jamal Jiddawy  – Assistant Project Coordinator
  • Ø Mrs. Bishara Masroor  – Chairperson Fund Raising Committee
  • Ø Mr. Feisal Amour – Secretary Fund Raising Committee
  • Ø Mr. Salim Seif – Project Treasurer

Supporting Members:

  • Ø Mr. Suleiman Riyamy
  • Ø Mr. Arif Al-Amry
  • Ø Mr. Zamil Rashid
  • Ø All subscribed and paid-up Board Members of ZANCANA

Contact Information:

Zanzibar Community Centre


Tel: 01 647 866 4312

Our location:

32, River Street,

Toronto, ON. Canada M5A 3N9

TD Canada Trust

East York Town center

Banking information

Zancana Community Center,

TD Canada Trust

East York Town Center,

45 Overlea BLVD Toronto On.

M4H 1C3

Transit:18282 A/c # 5227656

Swift code: TDOMCATTTOR for Outside Canada