Abu Ubaydah Masjid

Abu Ubaydah Masjid is located at 256 Eddystone Ave NorthYork, ON . M3N1H7

Fajri 5:50 6:00
Dhuhur 12:30 12:40
Asri 5:05 5:15
Magh Sunset +5 min
Ishaa 9:05 9:15

In addition to five prayers (with Jamah) , it also serves children and adult
with education and guidance about Islam.

Abu Ubaydah was recently established and can accommodate 200 to 250 people praying at a time. Abuu Ubaydah Masjid helps people learn about Islam and how they can bring “Ahkam” (laws) of Allah SWT and Sunnah of Rasul Allah, Mohammad SAW in their lives. Abuu Ubayday Masjid invites and welcomes both Muslim and Non-Muslim community to come and learn about Islam


After renovation

Udhuu Area Main Prayer Hall



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