Janazah Project

Janazah support system


Abu Ubaydah Islamic Center has started “The Janazah Support System” to help families during the hardships of a burial for their beloved.

Main Project

The Islamic religion views death as a transition to another state of existence called the afterlife. Where you go in the afterlife depends on how well you followed Islamic religious codes during your life. Muslims, practitioners of the Islamic faith, believe that if you lived a good life, you would go to Paradise after you die. If not, you will be separated from all that is good in the world.

Therefore, Islamic funerals serve not only to comfort the grieving, but also to pray to Allah, the Islamic word for God, to have mercy on the deceased.

This system should enable us to help each other during difficult time of losing (death) of our loved ones.


A MEMBER is an adult Muslim, lives in Canada. For those who are living outside Ontario, they MUST submit information of the Masjid where they will perform burial service.

Also, a person can include spouse and their dependent children under the age of 25 years, parents (father and mother) provided they are residing in the same address. Dependent children must become a member for him/herself.

How to join

Any Muslim (individuals or family) can join this program by filling the registration form and agreed with all terms and services of this program.


There is a non-refundable onetime registration fee of $100 for individuals and family.

You MUST have an online account of minimum of $50.

How it works

This program is a membership-based program. Once you are successfully registered, you will have your online account. This account will be used to keep your contributions whenever you top up money to credit your account. When we have Janazah service, we will take your contribution of $25 toward this Janazah and use it, then we will send an email or SMS to each member to top up their wallet the amount that has been taken. The minimum amount for each account should have been $50.

Benefit of the program

Grief affects people in many ways. Having peace of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of properly under your presence, this will give you peace of mind (tranquility) to focus on other aspects of your lost.


Abu Ubaydah Center through this program accepts donations. The donations collected are intended to be used for the running cost of this program, and there are other donations, that will be there in case of any other emergency that may happen.

For More Information

Contact the following persons if you have questions or need more information about this program.

  • Mohammed Hamdan               416 732 7505
  • Feisal Amour                            647 667 2337
  • Salim Seif                                  416 856 4513
  • Bishara Al Masroori                  647 866 4312
  • Jamal Jiddawy                           647 290 8652

If you have question or concern or having any technical difficulties, contact Abdulla Shaib at 647 761 5329

You can send money to Abu Ubaydah Islamic Center at the Royal Bank of Canada.

online by email: donate@abuubaydah.org

In case you want to transfer to our account, here is bank information:

Bank Name: Royal Bank of Canada RBC

Beneficiary: Abu Ubaydah Islamic Center

Transit Number: 05882

Institution Number: 003

Account Number: 1016393

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